25 Years Of Alderney Stamps SI

25 Years Of Alderney Stamps

'Replicate and modernise.' that was the original brief given to designer Andrew Fothergrill when he was commissioned to produce a new set of Alderney stamps based on the original definitive set from 1983. Andy has worked on many Alderney sets in recent years and is a great admirer of the island. Our six stamps include The Breakwater that shields Braye harbour (40p) The old harbour (34p) The golf course (51p) Fort Clonque (74p) is one of a string of Victorian fortifications which earned Alderney the title 'the Gibraltar of the channel'. the causeway that leads to it is featured on the 48p value. The 53p stamp shows the Hanging Rock, so called because of the way it appears to hang from the cliff. Our £5 stamp is a distinguished thing indeed, towering over its workaday low denomination peers purely by dint of its value. It stands to reason, then, that it should be of a certain physical stature. The lion itself is embossed with spot varnish. The Queens’s head, value and 'Alderney' are printed in silver. The lion is a popular inclusion in coats of arms simply because of its reputation as the king of the jungle and therefore a symbol of strength and power with which people generally want to be associated. In addition to being a common plant in Alderney, broom has great significance in British heraldry. Its medevil name is planta genista, which is the original of Plantagenet, the family name given to descendants of Geoffrey of Anjou (father of Henry II of England), who is said to have worn a sprig of broom in his hat when going into battle, so that his troops could see where he was. As a special addition to this issue, we have produced our first every silver stamp replica, a wafer-thin rectangle of solid silver on which the lion and the other elements are etched. this brought with it an unusual consideration from a design point of view. Andy had come up with something that would work without the benefit of colour or even light and shade. All he had to work with was the contrast between shiny and dull. The fact that the rest of us didn't even consider that when we first saw it is a tribute to Andy's talent and skill. The result is the first solid silver stamp replica in the British Isles.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 14.06.2008
Designer: Andrew Fothergill
Printer: Osterreichische Staatsdruckerei
Process: Offset Lithography
Colours: 4 Colours
Size: 27.8mm x 46mm
Values: 34p, 40p, 48p, 51p, 53p, 74p