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Assembly of the Republic SI

Assembly of the Republic

The Assembly of the Republic, established and voted in after the 25 April 1974, is the most democratic Parliament in the history of Portugal, both because it is the outcome of a high level of citizen participation in an electoral event, and because it has a very broad multi-party structure, which proportionately reflects the wishes of all Portuguese citizens.
The statute, election, and competency, together with the organization and functioning of this Sovereign body are defined and detailed in the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic and in its own Rules of Procedure.

Currently, the Assembly of the Republic, which operates in the São Bento Palace in Lisbon, has 230 members, though the Constitution states that its structure can vary between a minimum of 180 and a maximum of 230.

The Portuguese Basic Law foresees that certain matters of high importance are an absolute reservation of legislative competence (in other words:  the Government cannot legislate on them, even with authorization from the Assembly). Specifically, these include the election procedures for the members of the sovereign bodies, the referendum procedure, the organization of national defence, the nationality law, legislation on political associations and parties and the bases of the education system.

As powers of the upmost importance, the Assembly of the Republic is required to oversee the implementation of the Constitution and the laws, to approve the State Budget and appraise the actions of the Government and the Administration, and to authorize the President of the Republic to travel abroad in an official capacity.

The Assembly of the Republic is where the Programme for Government is reviewed and the voting on censure and confidence motions takes place, in addition to questioning and performing debates with the Government or carrying out parliamentary inquiries.
As a quintessential democratic body, the Assembly of the Republic is the sovereign body which represents the entire Portuguese people.

In the year which marks the 100 years of the implantation of the Republic, it makes sense to highlight the contribution of all the democratic Parliaments, since 1820, to the history of Portuguese political institutions.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 15.09.2010
Designer: Jose Brandao/ Elizabete
Printer: INCM
Process: Offset lithography
Colours: 4-colour offset
Size: 40 x 30.6 mm
Values: EUR1.80, EUR2.00, EUR2.73, EUR3.17
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