Top of the World Nordic Year Pack SI

Top of the World Nordic Year Pack

Commonly known as the TOP OF THE WORLD stamp collection, since 2004 all the Nordic Countries issue every 2nd year a fabulous Joint Issue with a common theme. During the first three years, the common theme was Nordic Mythology and a miniature sheet was issued by; Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Aland, Iceland, Greenland and Faroes Islands.

As from 2010, the Nordic Stamp theme has changed to another theme 'The North by the Sea - Life at the Coast'. The 2010 Folder is the first in the series with the next ones being issued in 2012 and 2014 respectively. 

All the miniature sheets, are of excellent quality designs and are issued jointly and included in the Nordic Pack Collection. 

A superb high quality philatelic product, which will be enjoyed by stamp collectors no matter their collecting interest.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 24.03.2010
Process: offset lithography